Coming Soon…A Brexity Christmas Carol.

A ghost story in five parts from the writer Tim Paramour.

Brexiteezer Scrooge is a bitter old miser. Relieved at the UK electorate’s decision to leave the EU but irritated by the Liberal Lefty Wishy-Washy Hippie Multicultural Christmassy claptrap of his tedious remoaner nephew Phil and his embattled Polish employee Bożena Kratchowicz , Scrooge is astonished to be visited by Zac Goldsmith on Christmas Eve. Goldsmith, chained to the ballot boxes of his horrible racist election campaigns, comes to warn scrooge that his soul itself is in danger. During the night Scrooge is visited by three of 2016’s lost national treasures who will make him rethink absolutely everything…

A Brexity Christmas Carol is a chilling but infinitely heartwarming tale of remorse, retribution and ultimately redemption. From the acclaimed education blogger* Tim Paramour, this epic story is to be serialised in five parts on five consecutive days starting on Saturday 10th December. Don’t miss a single installment!

“That’s quite a good idea” – my sister when I told her about it.

“I’m sure that’ll be great” – my wife.

Read the first part here

*I did that really successful post in March and now some Estonians want me to put on a play about it. Also Michael Rosen sometimes retweets my stuff.

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